SmarTchecksLogoWe have all heard “Our Company Pays in Net 30 Days” RIGHT!

SmartChecks is your robust tool used minimize that risk from slow or non-paying customers.

CarrierNet’s credit history goes back to 2001, with over 7000 records in our expanding database and millions of dollars changing hands – Our SmarTchecks Credit Network has the answer for reliable, accurate and fast credit decision allowing you to maximize you time growing your business.

SmarTchecks Benefits

  • Check instantly a freight broker’s or shipper credit online
  • Avoid freight bill collections, write-offs or Bond Filings
  • Rely on millions of dollars in debtor payment history going back to 2001
  • Quick to use & easy to understand
  • Trusted data with more than 7,000 debtor records
  • View payment trends over the last 30,60, 90 days and total pay history
  • SmarTchecks is updated live MondayFriday. Allowing you to feel safe in knowing what your customers real pay terms are.
  • If for some reason you are unable to find you customer in the SmartCheck program just contact our office and we will pull their credit from other credit agencies with no extra cost you.