Profit Simulator

From inside this program you will be able to cost out every trip using our Cost-Per-Mile Trip Simulator that has cost tables for 13 different types of equipment for 8 diesel fuel regions of the USA.  From the 8 regions we have amassed 105 costing tables updated quarterly give you the average full cost of transportation including Fuel, tires, shop costs, variable and fixed line haul costs and more.

The Profit Simulator can be used to cost out over thousands of broker loads that are currently being posted to the site along with checking the broker or shipper for credit worthiness from our SmarTchecks application.

With your Profit Simulator results you can:

  • Determine profitability based on 105 different accounting factors such as Fix Line Haul, Variable Line Haul, Shop & Administration Cost etc.…
  • Negotiate a better rate because you know what your costs are
  • Create a quote
  • Make business decisions based on fact not gut

Find out how to get your hands on this powerful tool!