About CarrierNet Group Financial

Since 2001, CarrierNet Group Financial, Inc. has been helping the transportation industry by providing smart and effective solutions for financial and management needs. Our founder Jerry Noonan, a former truck owner and CPA by trade, believed that integrity of asset based transportation companies is worth preserving.

CNGF, Inc., provides multiple services to help educate our clients maximize their profitability. Through our SmarTrucks program, we are able to provide financial and management tools that increase efficiency and profitability. SmartTrucks was created to offer carriers more for their financing and factoring fee.

Our mission statement is simple:

Educate our client carriers with technology, software and offer options so they can measure performance and maximize profits.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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What is Factoring?

Factoring, also known as accounts receivable financing, is the sales of your invoices, to create a source of immediate cash for your business. Factoring allows your to spend more time growing your business, rather than concentrating on day to day operations.

What does Factoring do for my business?

Factoring your accounts receivables (invoices) will allow your business to:

  • Gain market share, plan for future expansions and aid in strategic business growth.
  • Automatically pay your business expenses in a timely manner such as:
    • Payroll
    • IFTA and other business taxes
    • Insurance licensing fees
  • Allow better cash flow for trucking companies, who cannot accurately plan for if you have to wait 30, 60 or 90 days to receive your payments for services completed.
  • Dramatically improve your cash flow, even with previous poor credit history or delinquencies.

When you sell your invoices to CarrierNet Group Financial (CNGF) you can rely on fast funding as early as same day which will allow you to make those quick business decisions as well as plan for those strategic expansions.

Why is factoring with CarrierNet Group Financial better than applying for a loan from a bank?

Trucking firms may find it difficult to qualify in today’s tight credit environment for a traditional bank loan. CNGF will base credit decisions on the creditworthiness of your customers. For successful trucking companies, CNGF can provide the working capital needed to expand your business. CNGF will instantly improve your cash flow by purchasing your accounts receivables, avoiding possible loans and without acquiring more debt.

How do I start factoring with CarrierNet Group Financial?

  1. Call CNGF at 877-747-2807 or click here to fill our the easy to use online application.
  2. Negotiate a flat rate that fits your company’s business needs. Because every business is unique, each rate is tailored to what your financial needs and goals are.
  3. Send in your invoices (account receivables) to CNGF to begin receiving your immediate cash.

How much of my invoice will I be advanced?

The average advance amount for each invoice is 90%. After CNGF receives payment, the flat factoring fee will be taken and the rest will be quickly dispersed back to your company. Again, because every business is unique, each advance rate will be tailored to your financial needs.

Do you offer fuel cards?

Yes, CNGF offers a convenient Fleet One fuel card program. The Fleet One fuel card is recognized in almost every fuel station across the United States, allowing your business to get “Cost Plus” pricing at the fuel pump every time you fill up. For those clients that qualify they can receive fuel discounts at TA, Petro, Pilot and Flying Js. Contact our office to see how you can qualify for our fuel discount program 1-877-747-2807.

Do you offer credit checks on Direct Shippers or Brokers?

Yes, CNGF offers accurate credit checks on both. As a client you will have online access to our debtor database called SmarTchecks. This program allows you to see live information on over  7000 differnet shippers and brokers combined 24/7/365.

What is the SmarTrucks Program?

The SmarTrucks Program offered by CNGF is a multi-faceted solution tying all the benefits from our factoring program, Fleet One fuel card program, SmarTcheck credit system and then adding the one key ingredient of the Truckwin32 software program from Computerized Management Systems Inc. More on this on our services page.